banner ad sizesSo, you have a website that has traffic…

200 visitors a day? 200,000 per day? Oddly, we want the 200 visitors just as much as the 200,000! Why? Because one thousand sites with 200 visitors is just as good as one site with 200,000!

You identify the locations on your website(s) where ads can be inserted, and paste a small snippet of code. Each spot on each page you insert the code is called a “Zone.”  Create any size spaces you wish.

Our system then knows you’ve got spaces to fill (Inventory). Our servers review our advertisers, figure out who fits your criteria that you establish when you create teh zone, and then inserts the appropriate ad

We insert advertisements from quality advertisers that come directly to us, as well as from other ad networks. Even Google!

  • Monetize Your Inventory!
  • Desktop or laptop Display
  • Video Inventory
  • Mobile App Inventory
  • Access To Thousands of Advertisers
  • Receive Ads From Multiple Advertisers and Ad Networks
  • Complete Ad Server Management
  • Complete Billing Management
  • Quality Advertisers
  • Total Control Over Your Inventory
  • Control Who Advertises Where (Geo-controls)
  • Complete Control Over Who Advertises on Your Website
  • Up-to-the-minute Reports
  • Our experienced publisher support team is here to help.

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