AdverSert is a self-service advertising platform!
(But if you need our help we’re here for you!)

We’ve made AdverSert as user-friendly as possible. So friendly, in fact, that once you have your account configured, you can create and manage all your campaigns yourself! Of course, if you prefer, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

Although most advertisers place their ads on a CPM basis (cost per 1000 impressions of your ad), we do also have CPK, and CPA (cost per click and cost per acquisition).

If you want to run a performance-based campaign (CPK, CPA/CPL), please contact us after registration and on of our managers will guide you through the process.

Once you’ve configured your account, you can:

  • serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks, and conversions!
  • Manage multiple campaigns via an easy to use interface
  • Define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting
  • Track and report campaign performance, including click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased!

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